Idea for a new app that does not seem to be

Here’s the idea, make reading speeches easier. How? exactly this way;

Reading a speech can be difficult. You just finish it before you read it out loud to many people. It is always last minute. It is always slightly less impressive than what you hoped it would be. It is always better in your head etc etc.

You have a restless audience, your own voice which sounds somehow different escaping into the large room, a bunch of crumpled (or sticky) paper. Or, as is becoming the case, a tablet computer from which you are reading the speech. A tablet computer that has the words ordered in a repetitive and uniform style, offering your brain no micro signifiers to latch onto and re-find your place. With this much bombarding your senses, any fraction of a second saved is time to let your brain rebound and attack the next sentence in the manner in which it was intended. This app would take some of the pressure off the reader. It would give the brain more time to think and rest in between each sentence.

John McCain delivering speech in regularly accepted, stunted style 

No more looking down and using your brief time to catch your place. Each time adding to the stress on the micro level as you hope to find your place again. I did not put any sensors on John McCain but I can graph what would obviously be the data in my head and I hope you can too. Micro spikes of anxiety indicators every time he looks down. Lowest anxiety immediately after reading his next sentence. His RAM and your RAM may be different. He may be better at holding a sentence, or two, or three in his head before delivering them, (he is a member of congress and ran for president of the US after all!) but everybody would improve if this anxiety could be evened out, or even removed, from speeches.

The app idea is simple. You have your speech on a reader screen on your tablet. As you read the text out loud the app highlights in grey (or whatever colour you choose) the portion of text that you have read. If you stop mid sentence, so does it. If you want to re-read a word, it is only highlighted and still visible. However, the stress of finding your place is removed. Your eye will do it instinctively leaving you to think more about the intent rather than the mechanics of what you are saying.

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