Introducing the blog to IE business school…

Or more specifically IE business school, November intake, Section N6, people who have gotten so bored of Facebook and who want to go back to work so little that they will check this blog…

Also check out my twitter @chizwozla

The word ‘chizwozla’ came from an episode of The Simpsons when I was 10 years old and making my first email account. Now that I have 5 email addresses, a twitter, a facebook page, (previously myspace and bebo and even more previously an Angelfire blog), a fantasy football team, 2 wordpress blogs, a flipboard account, a skype account, etc etc it has come in very handy in using one, common word that is never previously taken. I’ve never had to use Roboconnor123456 or similar because I was a visionary 10 year old…

“Bullfrog?! Thats a stupid name. I would’ve called it…a chizwozla” (sic)

the word comes from the episode when they go to Australia and is a joke on the stupid names that Australian’s give animals (kangaroo, koala bear, wallaby etc) and the Australians are shocked at how stupid the name ‘bullfrog’ sounds to them – I have no deeper or less geeky explanation)

Thanks to our prof Enrique Dans for reminding me about blogging and how it can help focus or unfocus me depending on what mood I’m in. 

And best of luck to everyone in N6 who’s just starting.

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