The Daily Mail

journalism, apparently

journalism, apparently

Apparently the new model for ‘newspapers’ online, The Daily Mail  has been churning out scum into the world for a long time and is now doing it better than ever.

Check this out to see why.

This is exactly the sort of perverted behaviour that they scream about and condemn daily on their front page and here they are, without an ounce of insight or irony, pushing society past the edge of acceptability.

An 8 year old child, photographed and sexualised to make money.  Why isn’t that illegal? Why can this company still exist?

This is now an established formula within their website. It is usually accompanied by “Look who’s all grown up” or similar lechery in the headline and is so ubiquitous that it is the subject of pretty good parody at Suri’s Burn Book.

I have to say that I am a little surprised that women in general have allowed the boundaries to be pushed so far so often. You’d expect this sort of apathy from men but women are usually better at defending those that can’t defend themselves and I’ve seen little of it in this storyspace either online or in the real world. Apparently lots of women will sacrifice their values to see cute kids paraded online and the line is crossed more and more frequently.

I have to say that I follow one or two people who write for The Daily Mail on twitter. I do this for balance and to sometimes puncture the personal narrative that I can get wrapped up in. I can be politically correct and allow other people’s opinion even when I am vehemently opposed to it. I can take my position on abortion, religion, gay marriage and adoption, stem cell research etc and accept that other people may disagree. In fact, its crucially important to try to see through their eyes. This is how I reinforce the strength of my own convictions.

However, the eyes that want this sort of material are not seeing in the same subjective realm. They are not up for debate. They are wrong but unfortunately, some people gloss over it and continue through the website. A lot of people actually.

Racist, misogynist, ignorant scumbags. I feel dirty even linking to them

quality through and through

quality through and through

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