It’s ok to give The Beatles less than 5 stars

I just had the strangest feeling. I felt that I was breaking some rule by not liking a Beatles song. Julia came on and I went to skip the song and from deep within me came a resistance, an internal voice louder than the one to stop eating cake or watching Youtube videos which said DON’T YOU DARE!

That means that I have a bunch of connections in my brain that say STOP! when I try to express my dislike for a Beatles song. I can bite the inside of my own mouth or stub my toe and nothing happens. Meaning that my own mind has prioritised a muscle memory that kicks in one second after the thought “I don’t dig this, next song”. Thanks brain.

…hand moves towards iphone

Come on, its ‘Julia’, it’s crap, its basically one note over and over and its John Lennon long after he had checked out of The Beatles….


It’s my arm, I’m in charge here, I’m changing the track…

That’s what you think!

I’ll just turn it down a bit…

Not an option buddy!

Right! This is not on. I am the master of my own fate and captain of my own soul and all that stuff. SInce when did the Beatles have this hold on me? Since why are they sacrosanct? They have a ton of great tunes and a fun mythology and all that but that was a time before anybody could make and share music. They are from another time that gets more distant every day, even for those that were there.

That was from a time before the 80s synth-pop spawned derivative bands by the bucket-load. That was from a time before 80s synth-pop was rebelled against by punk and grunge and brit-pop. Hell, that was before the 80s was the 80s.

For instance Dirty Projectors and Yeasayer are two bands who need the space on my iphone so get out of the way ‘Julia’

Still not gonna fly

Fine, but I’m only rating it 4 stars and I’m gonna blog about it


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